DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.16

Authors: Gu Mingyi

Abstract: This paper discovers a perspective of Qualibility Oriented Strategy comparing to the conventional upward strategy for brand. In the west, the fundamental brand disciplines such as good quality, safety, ethics, eco-protection and more recently outsourcing labor welfare commitment, were the foundation stone of brand. Unfortunately, the flaw of Property Right protection system in China conducts income distribution gap and overflowing ethics issues, which have great influence on the routine brand strategy. Consumers are facing comprehensive quality crises anytime anywhere including the food, FMCG, consumer electronics etc. The reversed strategy of brand is necessary to the rebirth of consumer faith and loyalty in marketing for compensation of the psychological need in nature.
Since qualibility refers to quality and the warrants of quality in China, A Model of consumer need as qualibility, efficiency, instinct, emotion, and dream is build-up. The paper probes into the misleading brand strategy of different enterprises style. Results as environment crisis and consumption upgrading make the qualibility problem to be the urgent element of brand development. As the national quality standard fails to give security, it is expected by the users that the brand should stand on the consumer side taking the commitment of super national treatment on the qualibility. Afterward, the brand would make intimacy relationship with humanity and rebuild the ultimate value. Brand takes the noble principle from the ancient heraldry with the duty of premium responsibility as the pantheon of the civilian. The social media is a magic public opinion mirror highlighting the psychological contract and award winning with public empowerment. So the brand development requires a necessary regression to the brand nature, the qualibility faith, by strengthen the signal of quality excellence disclosure and apply the highest commitment.
Keywords: Qualibility Refuge, Consumer Need, Fragmentation, Quality Vacancy, Reversed Improvement, Brand Hierarchy


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