DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2 A-25

Authors: Balaji Janakiram, Swanand Kadhe and M. Girish Chandra


Abstract: The flurry of activities in the area of regenerating
codes in the past few years have led to different flavors of
codes, targeting diverse applications. There are regenerating
codes which minimize the repair bandwidth, i.e. the amount
of data required to restore the system after a node failure. A
failed node can be replaced by its exact replica or a functional
equivalent. The codes which facilitate the former, referred to
as exact regeneration codes, are practically favorable. However,
the existing codes for this purpose involve complex computations
over finite field.
In this paper, we propose ExR, a reduced complexity scheme
for exact regeneration of a failed node in a distributed storage system.
The primary aim is to minimize the repair bandwidth which
in turn can be useful in applications like Internet-wide peer-topeer
backup systems and distributed mail servers. Additionally,
the entire file can be reconstructed using computationally efficient
XOR operations. The proposed scheme involves two parity nodes
and achieves faster regeneration due to low processing and
communication overheads.

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