DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L316.70

Authors: Xinxin Zhang

Abstract: Projection is a type of language phenomenon that does not function as a direct representation of non-linguistic experience but as representation of a linguistic representation. Projection consists of projecting source, projecting words, and the projected clause and the projecting words include projecting verbs, projecting nouns, projecting prepositions and projecting adjuncts, among which projecting verbs are used the most frequently. According to Chinese scholar Zenglei, we can not only judge whether the projection is about mental process or is about verbal process but also know author’s attitude or interpersonal meaning conveyed by the author from projecting verbs. Therefore, this study investigates on projecting verbs from interpersonal perspective of systematic-functional grammar and makes a comparative study of them between news discourse and short novels in order to find out whether different genre will influence the application of projection verbs and to offer reasons for it.

Keywords: projecting verb,interpersonal meaning, genre

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