DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2_NTC2010-19

Authors: Manjur Ahmed, Mostafijur Rahman, Ahmad Nasir Che Rosli and M.M. Hafizur Rahman


A new multistage interconnection network have been proposed with a suitable and straight forward routing algorithm that can realize input to output in a single pass and crosstalk free for any permutation. The switch network is wide sense nonblocking characteristics. The proposed network can be extended for large N×N network. We have also focused the appropriate routing algorithm of the proposed network. A graphical representation/simulation has been given for analyzing nonblocking and crosstalk free characteristics with single pass of the proposed network.

Keywords: Multistage interconnection network (MIN),Crosstalk, Plus Minus 2i network, Nonblock, Routing algorithm

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