DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT15.12

Authors: Tomokazu Hayakawa, Chika Nishikado, and Teruo Hikita

Abstract: As the scale and complexity of computer systems have been increasing, the importance of programming learning in universities has been enlarged in these days. Although we believe that pair programming plays an important role to teach undergraduates detailed knowledge of programming, it is difficult to do so in ordinary university classes. In this paper, we propose a programming learning system that uses static code analyzers as trainers (teachers) for trainees (undergraduates). The system cooperates with an LMS (Learning Management System) without heavily depending on the LMS by using Web services (REST: Representational State Transfer) to improve maintainability of the system. We evaluated our system by some experiments, and we conclude that our proposed system can be of great help for undergraduates who learn programming.

Keywords: e-learning; LMS; programming; web service; REST

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