DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.12

Authors: Atif Naseer, Basem Y Alkazemi and Hossam I Aldoobi

Abstract: Last two decades are very important in the field of GIS. As the growing demand of the market and users makes a challenge for software industry to fulfill all the needs. This technological advancement gradually develops the need of open source development for the GIS industry. This project aims at establishing a general purpose repository system that identify, classify, integrate, and develop open-source GIS components to fulfill business application's requirements. The project will benefit educational sector by taxonomizing the different opensource GIS software components in the market and define their functional and architectural interfaces to facilitate learning their key features. Moreover, the proposed repository system represents a rich educational environment for those who are interested to learn how different components of an open-source GIS software system can be developed and integrated. The objectives of the proposed repository system go beyond addressing only technical aspects of integration and development of systems to cover also a wider range of support for the opensource software movement in most of the countries including Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: Open Source Software; Geographic Information System; Repository system

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