ISBN: 978-981-08-8407-9

Authors: Hung-Lin Lai and Ting-Yu Chen


As the importance of patient safety increases for hospital management, improvements in patient safety are needed to reduce this high incidence of medical error. Research on patient safety and medical errors shows that errors and the adverse events may mainly resulted by health care providers, equipment and the quality management system. Most studies focused their research on the risk of patient individual in health care, however, facing patient safety problems, a hospital manager must consider the risk of the organization while making improving decision. It will be relative with the cost-effectiveness of a health care organization. Here we used a TOPSIS (technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution) approach to manage the risk of a health care organization in linguistic terms in the environment of interval valued fuzzy numbers (IVFNs). Rather than calculating the distance between the alternatives and the positive/negative ideal solution in a TOPSIS approach, we use the similarity measure between IVFNs of the alternatives’ risk and the risk of the positive/negative ideal solution to help hospital managers analyze risks in an uncertain and complex situation and more easily determine the best alternative.

Keywords: decision making; risk analysis interval-valued fuzzy number ; TOPSIS; patient safety; similarity measure

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