DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.57

Authors: Zhijing Xu, Frances Kam Yuet Wong, Haiou Xia, Kirsten N. Corazzini, Yuting Song


To explore an APN role in managing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in our country. Background The role of Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) has grown over the years as has the debate about how much autonomy and specialization should be permitted in the field. Since the 1990s, APNs have specialized in a number of medical fields such as anesthesia, geriatrics, orthopedics , specieatlci.z ation Tahtitsr acted Chinese nurses first exposed to the idea by frequent international exchanges. While midwifery was an early APN specialty, high-risk pregnancies among women with gestational diabetes were all treated by obstetricians, and there was a lack of comprehensive care during the gestational period. In response, a hospital in China developed a clinical role that gives APNs the responsibility of managing GDM. Design A single case study with one in-depth, open-ended interview was conducted. Methods The first author conducted the open-ended interview in the summer of 2016. Based on the framework of Brown, the interview asked four questions: 1) How did the interviewee become a GDM specialist? 2) What did her practice look like? 3) What were the outcomes of her practice? 4) Any probability infecting her practice. The responses were transcribed verbatim and analyzed using thematic content analysis. Findings Five themes emerged from the data. They were: educational and practical preparation for the role, roles in the ward, roles in outpatient clinic, roles in the local medical university, and challenges and facilitators. Conclusion It was interesting to examine the introduction of a new APN specialty, and these findings may be valuable to the development of similar specialties throughout the world.

Keywords: Advanced Practice Nurse, gestational diabetes mellitus, case study


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