DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.96

Authors: Kong Xianghui and Feng Zongxiang

Abstract: Fossilization theory has aroused a widespread concern in academic research, since it was introduced by Selinker in 1972. As the foreign study of the theory started earlier, so the research method is more mature than that in China. The domestic research on fossilization started in the 1990s, and focused on the literature research and theoretical discussion supplemented by empirical research. To analyze the the phenomenon of fossilization one has to make clear its definition. Based on extensive reading of a large number of literature home and abroad, the author summed up different views on the phenomenon of fossilization, and put forward her preferred opinion which was used as the theoretical basis of this study. Then the author carried out an empirical research among college students to study interlanguage fossilization in function words combining with the actual situation of domestic English learners.

Keywords: Fossilization;English writing;Function words


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