DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.38

Authors: Afrouz Rezaei, Geoff Skinner

Abstract: This paper represents details a literature review recently conducted in the field of Mobile eLearning. More specifically the focus is on the integration of motion sensing technologies to enhance mobile eLearning capabilities and further engage the end user. The research project the review was conducted as part of, is investigating whether integrating motion-sensing games into the mobile learning system will assist in enhancing learning achievement and learning retention. Its purpose and contribution is to improve our understanding of the influence of a motion-sensing in game-based mobile learning systems. Moreover, it’s examining a combination of context-aware mechanisms with the main functions on smart phones and tablets to develop a motion-sensing and game-based mobile learning system. By embedding hand movement-based motion-sensing games into the mobile learning system we hope to simulate sensory action representation in learners.
Keywords: Mobile eLearning, Motion Sensing, Context Awareness, Game based learning

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