DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC14.78

Authors: Clare Harvey, Clare Buckley, Rachel Forrest, Jennifer Roberts, Alannah Meyers, Shona Thompson and Judy Searle

Abstract: Missed’ care has emotional, professional and legal connotations because, as one participant from our study noted, the environment can change so quickly and staffing is not allocated to accommodate this. Nurses become frustrated because they are unable to use the knowledge and skill to provide the care; rather they are forced to prioritise care, some of which is either delayed or consciously missed. In this session we explore the emotional, professional and legal contexts of ‘considered’ missed care. Our New Zealand team replicated the South Australian study described above in New Zealand. The analysis of the data from 199 participants is now presented.

Keywords: New Zealand, missed nursing care, nursing, rationed care, workforce

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