DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.122

Authors: Elirea Bornman

Abstract: In this article I discuss access to and consumption of news via various news sources within the context of post-apartheid South Africa. I cover five potential news sources: newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and social media. I base the discussion on the results of the Round 6 Afrobarometer survey in South Africa which involved a countrywide probability sample of 2 390 respondents. I investigate differences in news access via various sources for gender, population and age groups. Television emerges as the most news source accessed mostly by all groups, while newspapers also remain a key news source. In contrast with tendencies in other parts of the world, access to news via the Internet and social media is limited mainly to Whites and the younger age group.

Keywords: news; radio; television; newspapers; Internet; social media; news access


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