DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.15

Authors: Saleem Alhabash, Anna R. McAlister, Jef I. Richards, Elizabeth T. Quilliam and Chen Lou

The study investigates the effects of social media marketing of alcoholic beverages, using a 2 (likes: low vs. high) x 2 (shares: low vs. high) x 3 (display ad: alcohol brand vs. antibinge drinking PSA vs. local bank) x 3 (repetition) experimental design. The study mainly investigates how evaluations of alcohol marketing messages and display advertisements predict the intentions to consume alcohol, as a function of message virality and display advertisement type. In general, the paper argues that alcohol marketing messages posted on social media sites reflect a social norm in relation to alcohol consumption, which in turn leads audience members to consume more alcoholic drinks.

Keywords: alcohol advertising, social media, virality, Facebook, viral behavioal intentions, intentions to consume alcohol


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