DOI: 10.5176/2251-1997_AF13.11

Authors: Sama’ila Idi Ningi, James H. Landi


Export earnings assume vital importance not only for developing, but also for developed countries. The main part of export of developing countries consists of mining-industry goods especially natural resource. Particularly in Nigeria the sector is poorly performing. The poor performance of the non-oil exports has been blamed largely on the high cost of bank finance, Fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates, and negative firm’s perception of bank attitude to risk of financing and low volume and access to credit facilities. The non-oil exports sector has the potential to grow at higher rate, produce high quality goods, be able to compete at the international market and earn large volume of foreign exchange if the banks performs their role to the non-oil export sector, thereby removing all the obstacles militating against banks financing of the non-oil exports in Nigeria

Keywords: Improving Non-oil Exports, Nigeria, Banks Finance

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