DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L313.67

Authors: Rasman, Rizal and Rahma Fitriana

A textbook has important roles in EFL teaching and learning because it is used as references by teachers and learners. Therefore, we need to ensure that its content should not contain any bias and stereotypes between men and women. It is because the textbook can affect student’s perception toward the roles of men and women as well as limiting their performance in classroom to more benefit to one’s gender. This research uses descriptive qualitative and is riched by using quantitative analysis. This research is conducted by identifying frequency, firstness, and occupation of both genders stated in junior high school EFL textbooks. The findings show that the frequency and occupation of males are greater than females. However, in terms of firstness, the order of male appearances are less than that of females.

Gender Bias, EFL Textbook, Frequency, Firstness, Occupation

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