DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.29

Authors: Bin Wang, Jian Kang, Dan Han


The research on the acoustical environment of the traffic hub is not only paramount, but also special, diverse. With an attempt to understand its fundamental features, the paper combined the theory and methods of architectural acoustics in accordance with the surveys on the current situation of the acoustical environment of China’s traffic hub. Firstly, it analyzed the functions and forms of the acoustical environment of the traffic hub. Secondly, the paper concluded its characteristics from the acoustic source, propagation and evaluation. Then, it put forward that the sound source had diversity,unity, uniformity and regularity of the time distribution. It also pointed out that the special acoustic of the traffic hub had a common space form, a strong coherence and a wide openness. Finally, it summarized the contexts and characteristics of its own and environmental factors of the acoustic evaluation. Thus, it provided several ways for an efficient design of the acoustical environment of the traffic hub.

Keywords: traffic hub; acoustical environment;acoustic source;acoustic propagation;acoustic evaluation


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