DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP17.23

Authors: Dr. Mariam Abdulraheem-Mustapha


Generally, Nigeria is dominated by three religions. Islam, Christianity and sundry traditional religions that control the lives and transactions of various groups within their religious beliefs. These sets of groups were governed by the Common and Customary Laws of which Shari’ah law is inclusive. Differently, to some extent, the three religions seem to be in firm accord with the Nigerian Penal and Criminal Codes that criminalized abortion to which attracts criminal sanctions. Although, this preposition is not sacrosanct and it is allowed for the purpose of saving the life of the mother. The rationale behind criminalizing abortion is for procreation of children and protection of the sanctity of human life. However, instead of multiplication of human race in Nigeria, it has been observed that there is an increase in the termination of fetus and it mostly leads to maternal mortality as a result of abortion done by clandestine and unskilled providers in order not to be caught by the wrath of the law. Against this backdrop, this study aimed to empirically examine the polemics and discordant dynamics of the emerging social, criminal and religious perspectives of abortion in Nigeria with a view of making a case for a specific law on abortion.

Keywords: Abortion Criminal Law Religion Code Fetus Nigeria


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