DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.155

Authors: ByungHoon Yoo, HongSoo Lim, JeongTai Kim and Gon Kim


Light pollution prevention is one of issues for making sustainable lit-environments. Recently, Korean government established regulation laws of light pollution. Regulating lighting pollution laws used the physical values such as luminance and illuminance. Above all, the level of luminance is applied to evaluate outdoor advertising light sources with excessive lights. Generally, two methods which are Point to point meter and surface meter are commonly able to measure luminance. However, the measured value from the two methods are usually not identical because of characteristic of each device. Therefore, this study compared measured luminance using HDR with measured luminance using luminance by changing the color temperatures in conditions of identical brightness. As a result, the measured luminance depending on color temperatures were significantly different due to each algorithm of measurement.

Keywords: color temperature; luminance meters; HDR

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