DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L313.113

Authors: Wang Miaomiao and Cao Shunqing

The phenomenon of variation exists in all literatures and cultures. For the development of Comparative Literature in China, especially for a series of conflicts and collisions between western and oriental civilization, Professor Cao Shunqing proposed the Variation Theory of Comparative Literature in 2005. It is a valuable construction of the existing subjects. And the major research areas of variation studies of Comparative Literature are variations in languages, cultures, images of cross-country and cross-civilization and literary deformation of literary texts. The thesis is trying to analyze Pa Chin’s novel Cold Nights of bilingual format in Chinese and English with one aspect of variations in languages of the Variation Theory: Creative Treason, which belongs to the medio-translatology in three aspects: domestication and foreignization translating method of translator’s individualized translation; mistranslation and omissions; abridged translation compilation and adaptation. Started from the specific translation methods of the novel Cold Nights in bilingual format, the thesis tries to analyze the variation phenomenon of literary translation and its deep hidden causes from the aspects of language, culture, local custom, and history in the novel.

Cold Nights, variation study, literary translation, culture and language

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