DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.26

Authors: Sedef Gunduz and Fatih Demirhan

Abstract: In this study, the effects of personality traits of students on their Facebook use are analyzed. In this regard, a Ten Item Personality Inventory survey containing questions about social media use was conducted among university students. Then 3 hypothesis that examine the relation between the personality type and the use of Facebook, relation between the personality type and the frequency of Facebook use, and relation between the personality type and information sharing characteristics on Facebook are tested. The obtained results showed that students with high Conscientiousness scores tend not to be use Facebook, students who are low on Openness to Experience use Facebook more frequently, and more extravert students share more information on Facebook. Also from the reverse perspective, it has been said that personality traits of students can be predicted by analyzing their Facebook use. So after deducing the personality traits of students from their Facebook use, it will be easier to propose new education techniques based on personality characteristics of students. It is envisaged that results of this study can be used in interpreting students’ personality traits from their social media use in order to developing new education models and improving existing systems in educational technology.

Keywords: social media; personality traits; social media use in education; education model based on personality traits

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