DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L313.70

Authors: Prof. Dr. May AlJuburi

Arabic language is more than 2100 years old. We know that from a first century BC Arabic inscription which was written In Musnad Script, and found at Qaryat Al-Faw the capital of Kinda and other Arab tribes, in Saudi Arabia.Although Arabic language devlobed in so many ways since then but it is still in use in formal language about the same like it was over 1000 years ago. Arab countries are still using the same classical language as their formal language.The oldest Arabic language text book reached us is Seebawayhs book which used to called (AL-Kitab). In this book we can find the earliest Arabic linguistics studies, Seebawayh went deeply studying and describing Arabic grammar , syntax , phonetics & phonology. Seebayah died 1252 years ago but his book is still the most important Arabic text book of the time.we can read what was written about classical Arabic phonemes & allophones over 1000 years ago which is still alive in Arabic formal language and dialects . seebawayh was keen to tell his readers all about the Arabic phonemes allophones. we passed on Arabic allophones at the time of classical Arabic over 1000 years ago till our days in Arabic dialects.

Historical, Linguistics, Arabic, Phonology

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