ISBN: 978-981-08-8644-8

Authors: Si Qiao, Dr Roger Eglin and Ariel Beck


The animation of Computer Generated (CG) humans has an impact on audience perception in preserving and giving credibility to the experience. However, there are some potential problems with interpreting the different types of Accurate Behaviour in CG humans. An animated human head was created to examine the effect of facial behaviour display (including and excluding factors such as Facial Movement, Head Movement and Eye Rotation) on audience perception (In terms of Believability, Disturbance and Accurate Behaviour recognition). The results of the study suggest that some CG human facial behaviour has an effect on the participant's perception and response to the three dependent measures. The most significant disturbance was caused by a category of facial movement whilst the inclusion of that facial movement and head movements created most believability. The accuracy of identifying behaviour was also increased by the inclusion of head movements. However, no significant effect was found for Eye Rotation.

Keywords: Accurate Behaviour; Believability; Uncanny Valley; Computer Generated Humans; Facial Behaviour;

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