DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.28

Authors: Dr. K.L. Jayaratne, E.D. Nishan W. Senevirathna


Automated content based audio monitoring ap- proach for radio broadcasting is a very important problem in world of multimedia computing. We propose a real time system to solve this problem which includes our own audio recognition algorithm.

It is easy to recognize a song, when you provide the original high quality blueprint of the song as input. But we can’t expect such kind of audio input from radio channels since lots of transformations are possible before reaching the end user or the listener. For example, adding environmental effects such as noise, adding of commercials, watermarks etc.

These transformations cause change in the uniqueness of particular song and make the problem even more difficult. The algorithm we proposed is resistant to noise and distortion as well as it is capable of recognizing short segment of song when they are broadcasting.

At the end of the processing stage our system generates a descriptive report to the end user including all details of the broadcasted history. We evaluate our system against various types of real world scenarios and show the level of accuracy at the end.

Keywords: Audio fingerprint; features extraction; playlist generation; wavelets; broadcast monitoring

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