DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT16.44

Authors: Congmin Mao, Haoran Yu, Jiaxin Shi, Tingjun Cai, Boyang Yang

Abstract: The paper presents CSVisFrame, a framework for making visualizations, which solves the understanding difficulty on learning abstract concepts in computer science including data structures and algorithms. With the framework, instructors and developers could develop all varieties of interactive visualizations. Students can interact with them by typing in input boxes and clicking on buttons. Students can also use the backward and forward function on a player to control the visualization making it self-paced. Students from Sichuan Normal University used visualizations designed based on CSVisFrame in their Algorithm Design and Analysis course. Additionally, thousands of students used the online visualizations designed based on CSVisFrame. A survey shows that the visualizations are well accepted by these students, and abstract concepts are better learned with the visualizations. CSVisFrame is free and open-sourced. Available at

Keywords: Visualization, Education, Framework

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