DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.16

Authors: Michail Ostrowski, Maik Mory


Automated testing reduces the costs of software development. We propose a testing model that is specifically designed for the creation and execution of fully automated regression tests within video game development. This model combines the usability and veracity of record and playback techniques and the possible test coverage of scripting languages.

The model has an intuitive structure that enables professional video game testers to create meaningful tests by using only a rudimentary set of programming skills within a graphical user interface. The resulting tool basically establishes a network connection with the application under test. The application is modified to process incoming function calls and to generate output that is used to dynamically control the course of the tests and to evaluate if the tested application operates within acceptable parameters.

Keywords: software testing; automated regression testing; record and playback; video game development; video game testing

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