DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC14.28

Authors: Dr. Pamila N Roopalekha Jathanna, Dr. Amrit Kaur and Raveendra Rao K

Abstract: With the many advances in information technology over the past 20 years, particularly in healthcare, a number of different forms of electronic health records (EHR) have been discussed, developed, and implemented. One of the solutions is transition of paper-based medical records to electronic medical records. Indian hospitals are facing several challenges in implementing of EMR like – transition costs of paper based medical records to electronic form, integration with the workflow, clinician’s usability, nurses’ usability, interface with rest of the system, interface with devices, down time management etc. As a part of’ implementation of EMR’ project, the study aims at investigating the awareness, perception and usability of EMR of a selected tertiary care hospital in India. This is a cross sectional descriptive study and convenient sampling method was used and all nurses willing to participate were recruited into the study. Final sample size is 296 nurses.
The results of this review are promising in terms of nurses’ views for adoption of EMR and suggest that nurses are beginning to perceive benefits in areas the areas of quality in decision making, patient care and practice. They also opined that EHR enhances timely access to medical records, efficiency, productivity and reduces medical error. Most of them suggested that it acts as a better communicating tool among health care providers. However, strategies are needed for improving the satisfaction of nurses who have a negative perception of and attitude toward EMR systems. The implementation strategy also needs to take different job characteristics of the intended future users into account.

Keywords: Electronic Health Records; nurses; perception; usefulness; implementation

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