DOI: 10.5176/2251-1938_ORS13.03

Authors: Sakkarin Choodoung, Uttapol Smutkupt


This research develops capability evaluation method design for assembly (DFA) to develop a suitable assessment for the case study industry. Beginning with ordering of assemble process from an improved method, we used the result of such process to analyze for difficulty of each part assembly with AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) providing more reliability. The result indicates the possibility to ordering the assembly process according to the difficulties of each parts assemble.

With Consistency Ratio (C.R.) analysis, the easiest part to assembly can be discovered for the case study wooden furniture. As a consequence, we can develop assembly design in 2 parts including; the first part in assembly order development affecting the difficulty of each part assembly; and the second part in part development facilitating the assembly. From the research analysis result, each part should have minimum difference in average difficulty in assembly and should be proved in consistency of the information.

Keywords: Design for Assembly (DFA); Evaluation Assembly; Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); Wooden Furniture.

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