DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.71



In recent years, the rapid urban development, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is too high. In order to slow the warming of the climate change, all the advanced countries stand for carbon reduction and comply with international environmental issues. Recently, owing to the rising awareness of environment protection, people’s standard of living has gone up. The function of landscape and park has got the new interpretation. 1. Provide the public with activities. 2. As a public open space 3. Combine art, exhibition space to achieve a multifunction park. Green plants absorb carbon dioxide and water to photosynthesize. Green city and Green building are both to reduce carbon dioxide. The amount of green indicators but to “plant CO2 fixed effects” as the greening of the total amount of control for the built environment open space, balconies, roof, wall evaluate the comprehensive green design. To achieve ease urban high temperature climate via green cycle, absorb carbon dioxide, air purification. Also can improve the ecological environment and beautify the city. By green building indicators to assess the amount of green indicators for the study. Discussion on the gap of greening the amount of the current situation of the Tainan parks and greening requirements of the standard indicators to understand its room for improvement. The main research method is to explore the amount of green, the fieldwork and recorded their literature review through the green building "green" indicators and related documentation as a theoretical basis. Also, examples of survey as a research method that analysis study "green" indicators planting of CO² fixed amount is calculated.

Keywords: carbon neutral, carbon reduction, CO2 Consumption Index, park, Green building pointers, Tainan

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