DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.44

Authors: Kimiko Nakayama, Masako Kaneko, Yoko Hatono, Emiko Kusano


The objective of this study was to reveal the challenges and solution strategies for public health nurses in promoting empowerment among community organization activities. The study was conducted a focus group interview. The interview participants were five public health nurses with experience in positions of oversight over other public health nurses. The challenges formed seven categories. Community organization activities are halted. They work very little with community organization activities. Young public health nurses lack the ability to empower residents. The public health nurses’ activity system makes it difficult to run community organization activities. The solution was to practice activities that evolve from district diagnoses to district activities. It was also necessary to build activity systems that made it easy for organizations to develop community organization activities. They were required to plan for continued in-service training to acquire empowerment for community organization activities.

Keywords: community organization, empowerment, public health nursese, Japan


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