DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm17.35

Authors: Dr. Taruna Narula

Abstract: Textbooks are part of the complex system of a society which includes teachers, parents and the entire education system. It reflects the views and values of the society in which this society has developed. This is one of the most important tools of socialization of the new generation in different societies. School textbooks affect the experiences of people participating in the process of communication. Textbooks are the members of the society as social agents of socialization to reach the values and theories to the next generation.To study the communicative function of the textbooks four different school and five subjects were taken. Content analysis and Survey methods were chosen to conduct this study. On the basis of the content analysis it was found that many important values like Non Violence, Truthfulness and Peace were not given importance but, some other important values were included like , love, courage, good manners and patriotism. Subject matter of the lessons was very diverse in which historical and cultural, general knowledge were given prominence but science and technology was given less importance. In the Text books it is important to give importance to many values so that the new generation can assimilate those values. It is more important to pay attention to social and national values rather than individual values.

Keywords: Communication; Socialization; Values, Children; Textbooks, school , Education


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