DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC17.07

Authors: Susan Ka Yee Chow

Abstract: There are some aspects involved in taking care of elderly or old-aged people. Guided by the principles of “Ageing in Place”, the goal of services for elders is to assist them to remain living in the community as long as possible. Community support services are moving towards a more holistic and comprehensive program aiming at promoting wellness of the elders. The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for older adults is a multidimensional tool that examines factors affecting the course of disease and treatment outcomes. It identifies medical, psychological and functional limitations of frail older people. As there are no specific tools to measure the overall wellbeing of elders, this paper provides a list of instruments for comprehensive assessment, focusing on fall risk. The set of questionnaires was found appropriate in assessing older people living in the community and can reduce the burden of health care workers performing the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

Keywords: elderly, aging in place, comprehensive health assessment


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