DOI: 10.5176/2251-2349_HRM&PD17.28

Authors: Denise Tsang

Abstract: This paper discusses the employee voice in the high technology space sector within P.R. China, which is a fast growing sector globally. Using an integrative perspective on employee voice, this paper provides insight in this underresearched knowledge-intensive sector. The Chinese achievement in the space sector within a short time span and under considerable resource constraint could be explained by the dedication of generations of scientific talent. It is argued that the notion of employee voice among the highly skilled knowledge workforce should be considered in the context of the unique macro factors influencing the sector since 1949, as well the culture and ideology shaping the country with a long unique civilization. Hence, the path dependency of employee voice is associated with long term influences that are beyond the control of the firm.

Keywords:Employee voice; Chinese space sector, Culture and Ideology


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