DOI: 0.5176/2301-3710_JMComm13.29

Authors: Afifa El Bayed, Joachim Hoeflich and Juliane Kirchner

This study tries to unveil the ethical code established around mobile communication in critical North African contexts, and especially in the Moroccan public spas; namely the hammams. Based on the literature corpus regarding the increasing convergent use of mobiles, the ethics relating to their usage, as well as mobile phone adoption in Morocco, the relevance of the topic and its theoretical background were established. This enabled designing a pre-study in the form of a quantitative-qualitative interview with twenty Moroccan women and a main study in the form of a field observation of mobile use in a hammam in the Moroccan capital. These studies permitted discovering and highlighting the existence of an ethical code of mobile use, which goes hand in hand with compatible etiquette. The adoption of such a code proved to have implications on the move of mobile phone users, as well as on the device functionalities they opt for.

Keywords: Mobile communication, ethical media use, etiquette, convergence, mobile multifunctionality, media in Morocco, hammam


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