DOI: 10.5176/2251-1997_AF13.67

Authors: Istianingsih, Rhodiah Zulni


This study aims to examine the effects of corporate social responsibility disclosure toward the future earnings response coefficient in a financial reporting period. This study also explains whether corporate social responsibility disclosure affect investor assessments of future earnings, by adding control variable size, growth, earnings persistence, and earnings
The sample used in this study are 119 companies registered in the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2009. The hypothesis in this study are tested by using multiple regression analysis. The results suggest that corporate social responsibility disclosure has negative effect on the future earnings response coefficient. The test results showed that the size as control variable to be excluded variable that should be excluded from the study models. Growth, earnings persistence, and earnings volatility as control variables had no effect on the future earnings response coefficient.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility disclosure, future earnings response coefficient, FERC, return, earnings, size, growth, persistence, earnings volatility

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