DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.132

Authors: Mohammad Reza Farzad, Julian Kang, Menghong Wang


Photogrammetry has been recognized as a tool to capture the 3D model of existing buildings in the construction industry. Studies show that photogrammetry technology using Structure-From-Motion (SFM) algorithm works well for picking up the 3D model of the building exterior, as the algorithm was developed based on the way industry practitioners usually take photos of the building. However, this algorithm may not be working for the building interior where photos of the building components are taken from the center of the inner space. This paper tested two methods of taking photos, 1) towards-the-center method and 2) from-the-center method, in terms of creating the 3D model using SFM algorithm.

Keywords: Photogrammetry; Building Interior; 3D Model; Structure From Motion

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