DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_PSSIR13.06

Authors: Anna C. Bocar


This study examined the different crimes allegedly committed by the inmates. It concentrated on the two categories: violent crimes and property crimes and the prevalent causes of committing a crime. The causes or reasons of committing the alleged crime were classified as follows: social and economic, psychological and mental disorder, peer influence, and drugs use. This investigation also covered the respondents’ profile which includes the gender, age, civil status, and literacy. The descriptive research method was utilized in this paper and the answers of the respondents on the researchers’ made survey questionnaire was gathered through random sampling. The researchers discover that drug trafficking is the leading violent crime and on the other hand, robbery is the leading property crime. The inmates considered at all times that frequent periods of unemployment, which falls under the social and economic classification of reasons in committing the crime, is the most serious one; consequently, it is reflected as the prevalent reason that causes the commission of a crime.

Keywords: component, inmates, crimes, commission, causes

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