DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm17.31

Authors: Nilüfer PEMBECİOĞLU

Abstract: Animals turned to be pets in houses a long time ago and the ones chosen for specific requirements of those days are still friends and beloved. Yet, the history is full of examples judging all values through different perspectives and changing them throughout the time. The values attributed to the cats got its share from these changes as well. The humble, lovely, tiny friends of our time passed through difficult days to get their full recognition without being affected through various believes and traditions. The paper discusses the changes of the value system and its intercultural and symbolic meanings regarding the concept of “cat”. The widely used image of cats altering the meanings of the past gained new meanings and mediatized through the digital versions. So, they had both the transparency and transmedia specifications causing sometimes positive and sometimes negative situations. In the meantime these images are interacting and communicating with each other, they also cause communication and create a kind of cultural, intercultural, communicative context and substructure to involve more participants every day. The paper provides an outline of the history regarding the different believes and superstitions attributed to the cats, yet concentrates more on understanding the attitude changes as well as the impact of the traditional media and social media on it.


Keyworsds : Cats, Media, Social Media, Intercultural Values, Transmedia



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