DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_078

Authors: Mario Soflano, Thomas Connolly


Recent research in game-based learning has identified adaptivity as an area that requires further attention. Adaptivity is required in game-based learning simply because each person has a different way of learning in different learning environments – one size does not fit all [9][19]. In other words, adaptivity in gamebased learning should be personalised to the way an individual learns. Thus, the learning may be related and influenced by the player’s preferences and customisation of elements within the learning environment. Modern commercial games allow the players to customize and choose a number of game elements based on their preferences; for example: design of their own avatar, colour and style of navigation. One particular example is The Sims. At a basic level The Sims allows players to choose their preferences (for example, the type of music to be played during the gameplay) and customisation that allows the players to design their own avatar in more detail compared to other games that provides similar feature (for example, the player can customise details such as eyes shape to clothes preferences). Furthermore, The Sims (particularly The Sims 3) allows the players to choose personality traits of their game character. These personality traits will influence the character’s behaviour when interacting with various elements of the game, such as items and NPCs. This paper discusses the results of a survey conducted through Internet forums to investigate the player’s real-life preferences in comparison with in-game preferences, particularly when selecting personality traits in The Sims 3, including factors that influenced their decision. The result gives preliminary indications about relationship between motivation and customisation / preferences and also indicates the significance of adaptivity in game-based learning. The discussion also consists of how adaptivity in game-based learning can be influenced by and implemented through preferences and customisation. This paper aims to give some insights into aspects required and to be considered in adaptive game-based learning.

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