DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.57

Authors: Waldemar Bober


The research project focuses on the complex issues associated with environmentally friendly urban planning. In the first place, in order to specify the field of research we should justify the need for the implementation of modifiable prefabricated parking facilities. Spatial stiffness of structural elements hinders the mobility of a garage structure. In order to reduce the stiffness, reinforced concrete elements and the connection between them should be examined. A series of range tests was conducted on the elements of construction system subjected to trial load. Separate tests on deformation were conducted for the entire garage building. Deformations of its geometrical shape were conducted during several phases of construction of the building. This allowed to recognize the influence of deformation of the ground under the foundations of the building. The tests and research confirmed that the adopted solutions were correct. The obtained results clearly show that the theoretical models adopted during the design of the movable structure, its realization and utilization fulfill the requirements for the multi-level parking garage.

Keywords: pc elements deformation; mobility; space stiffness


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