DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.54

Authors: Nicanor L. Guinto

Abstract: In the light of Swale’s Genre Analysis framework, this exploratory research was conceived to unveil the cognitive structuring of the Filipino youth’s narrative essays published in the Young Blood column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Twenty-nine columns out of 95 published ones from June-December, 2011 were found to be predominantly narrative and hence, were subjected to analysis in this paper. Results revealed that the Filipino youth write in a common rhetorical structure that is nearly related to standard western practices, attributable to existing influences of Anglo-American literary canons in the academe. However, the identified structure in the corpus of personal narrative essays proved that the notion of western supremacy in Philippine English writing is gradually losing ground. A unique identity in writing is defying western rhetorical orthodoxy in the country and it is spearheaded by no less than the Filipino youth.
Keywords: rhetorical structure, Filipino youth, Genre Theory, Philippine English writing


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