DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.1

Authors: Chang-Shiou Wu, Shin-Lan Liu


Composite standing seam metal roof system is gradually widely applied for permanent building due to its various advantages such as light weight, fast installation and recyclability. After series of tests and analysis based on ASTM E1592, some determinants like the additional internal or external fix element, panel width, panel thickness or halter form are validated to be effective to the structural performance against wind load. However, the result from ASTM E1592 is more conservative than the real situation. When this standard is applied for the composite standing seam metal roof system, an additional reduction coefficient or equation should be considered as well. Otherwise another test method should be proposed for this type of system.

Keywords: composite standing seam metal roof system; component; structural performance; wind resistance; wind pressure

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