DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.115

Authors: Marta Pieczara


As an important element of the urban space, a workplace for many people and a landmark for even more, any industrial building should be mindfully designed with regard to its importance for the local society. Nowadays, a raising significance of the creative sector of economy requires particular attention of architects and urbanists to summarize the guidelines supporting the successful design of creative industry buildings. Among plenty of different design approaches, at first glance personal to every architect, we can nonetheless identify a set of general rules and universal design tools which they share in common. Included in the training program for architecture students at Poznan University of Technology, the task to design a building for a selected branch of creative industry aims at exploring and testing different design methods, with the emphasis on using innovative architectural means, on improving the quality of the urban landscape as well as on the social activation.

Keywords: creative industry; creative city; urban landscape; architectural design; sustainable development

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