DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT12.28

Authors: Adimas Baskoro Samodra, Minsani Mariani

Abstract: This study observed the influencers that affected the dissemination of social networking media among Generation Z in Indonesia, and to find the correlation of ease-of-use and usefulness of the technology with the dissemination. The country has been dubbed a ‘sweet spot’ for Internet-based business. However, there are still social media companies which have yet to open their bases in Indonesia. Is it because the slow pace of technology acceptance in the country? Based on prior research, there are two dominant factors regarding technology acceptance: perceived ease-of-use and perceived usefulness. Subjective norms were added as an external factor, since they are said to have an impact on the nature of using social networking media. The result shows that usefulness, with an indirect influence from ease-of-use, can encourage the spread of social media.
Keywords: Technology Adoption; Social Media; Generation Z

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