DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC17.29

Authors: Zhanming Liang

Abstract: The purpose of the session is to bring academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners who have responsibilities and interests in health service management competency and health service management workforce development in the Asia Pacific Region together to explore the current trends, efforts and issues in the related areas. The session will provide a platform for knowledge sharing and exploring collaborations in the Asia Pacific Region. Through presentation of up to date evidence, a collaborative research agenda will be defined for training and development of the health service management workforce, strengthening the health service/system management in the Asia Pacific countries. Expected outcomes of the session: • Review of the process to determine competency levels of the health services management workforce, including understanding of the Management Competency Assessment (MCAP) tool. • Understanding of the current workforce management competency levels and demographics across the Asia Pacific region; and • Formulation of a collaborative research agenda focusing on health management competency development and strengthening of health service/system management in the Asia Pacific  region.

Keywords: health workforce, health service management,managemetn training


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