DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.61

Authors: nursing education, baccalaureate, competency, global health


Background: Today, nursing graduates are expected to be prepared to perform a wide range of functions and to have highly specialized competencies to provide effective, safe and cost-effective nursing care. Therefore, there is a major focus on developing nursing students’ competencies in baccalaureate nursing education programs. Accordingly, baccalaureate nursing education programs have been designed in a way to develop student competencies for global health. Aim: The aim of this presentation is to gain an understanding of expected competencies in nursing education for global health. Content Overview: This presentation defines and describes the concept of competence in nursing education. Additionally it provides a brief overview of expected competencies (accountability, ethical practice, legal practice, planning, safe environment etc.) from baccalaureate nursing graduates and gives some intervention examples from one baccalaureate nursing programin Turkey to improve competencies of nursing students. Conclusion: Competency in both nursing education and practice is widely discussed because the gap between the two areas continues to widen at all levels of educational preparation (Tilley, 2008). Therefore, the need of developing competencies of nursing students should be recognized by nurse educators, policy makers for improving nursing care services for a global health.

Keywords: mixed methods research, pedagogical challenges, student reflections, innovative teaching strategies.


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