DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.44

Authors: Annastasia Sintia Lamonge


The purpose of this study is to determine the correlation between the diabetic self-care practice and health related-quality of life of Type 2 DM patients. The research design used was descriptive correlation. One hundred twenty six (n=126) respondents were recruited from the Outpatient Department-Philippine General Hospital. The sampling method was purposive sampling. the respondents were interviewed by using, summary of Diabetes Self-care Activities (SDSCA) questionnaire and Health-related quality of life (SF36v2) questionnaire. This tools has been piloted and reliable to use. This study was granted approval by the UP Manila Research Ethics Boards. This study reveals a positive correlation between general diet, medication and HRQoL. Those able to perform good self-care practice in general diet and taking medication tended to have higher HRQoL in areas of physical health and mental health domains. There is also a negative correlation between smoking and HRQoL. Those who smoke had better HRQoL especially in bodily pain, using smoking behavior as a coping mechanism. No significant correlation was found between specific diet, blood sugar test, physical activity, foot care and HRQoL. Conclusion: In this study self-care practice is characterized by the capability to follow an eating plan (general diet) and taking of medication. Health related quality of life relates to the capacity of the individual to function adequately to perform daily activities (physical health), social function and emotional roles. Self-awareness and family support are two important points that help explain the ability of respondents to comply and perform good self-care practice.

Keywords: Health-related quality of life, self-care, type 2 DM

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