DOI: 10.5176/2251-1857_M318.24

Authors: Anna Sobczyk-Guzenda, Sławomir Owczarek, Hieronim Szymanowski, Maciej Gazicki-Lipman

Abstract: Thin titanium dioxide coatings were prepared with the help of RF PECVD technique using evaporated TiCl4 and gaseous O2 as source materials. Into these coatings, such minority elements as iron, copper and/or fluorine were introduced by means of adding their evaporated precursors directly into the glow discharge zone. The resulting doped (or doubly doped) TiO2 films were investigated in terms of their optical properties and photowetting effect. Compared to undoped TiO2 coatings, doped films exhibited a shift of the excitation threshold towards visible range of radiation as well as extended time of excitation. The best results were obtained for films doped either with Fe or with Cu/F elemental combination. In each case, the improvement was characteristic for certain range of the dopants concentration only.

Keywords: TiO2 coatings, RF PECVD method, doping with Fe, F and Cu/F, optical properties, photowettability


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