DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP16.49

Authors: R Henrico


The legal education of future legal practitioners must transcend the normative principles of the law. Legal educators are encouraged to instil the imperative of transformative constitutionalism suffused with the notion of Ubuntu with the expectation that in doing so future legal practitioners will be instrumental as catalysts in the realisation of social justice in the constitutional dispensation of South Africa. Future legal practitioners occupy unique placers in our society as role-players facilitating social change. They are also potential candidates for public office in which they are obliged to conduct themselves in accordance with the rule of law and principle of legality. Administrative law, as a subject module, serves as an example in furthering transformative education on account of the fact that it enables the realisation of social justice and emphasis the importance of public office responsibilities. In this wise, it must be understood that the role of educators of future legal practitioners occupies a special pride of place in our jurisprudence.

Keywords: normative education, transformative education, transformative justice, social justice, integrity, rule of law, principle of legality, public office

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