DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT16.21

Authors: Elammaran Jayamani, Soon Kok Heng, and Muhammad Khusairy Bin Bakri

Abstract: This research focused on the development of analytic/task specific rubric for assessment items in Manufacturing subjects. Rubrics are evaluation tools that assisted the process based on an assessment and report on student achievement by educators. Prior to the design of specific rubric, educators can decide whether the performance or product will be scored holistically or analytically. Thus, this research generates analytic/task specific rubrics for assessment items such as lab reports, written reports and oral presentations on manufacturing subjects. The critique about the existing method of grading has been discussed and the pros and cons of the proposed method have been discussed in this research. Currently, the assessment items in the manufacturing subjects used a holistic/general rubric. It provides students with an overall evaluation of the performance or product that some of the detailed does not being provided and diagnostic with feedback such as strengths and weakness of the performance/product. It gives a quick snapshot of overall status or achievement, in example, the speed of scoring is more significant than knowing how to precisely describe quality. The main drawbacks of the holistic rubrics are not as good in identifying the weaknesses and strengths, and planning instruction, for example, two students can get the same score for vastly different reasons. To avoid these drawbacks, this research was proposed to develop analytic/task specific rubrics for assessment items in the manufacturing subjects. Analytic rubric provides several scores or ratings for a product or performance. It showed relative strengths and weaknesses assess the complicated skills, detailed feedback to students and parents, products, or performances that several dimensions are needed to be clear.

Keywords: Rubrics; manufacturing; Assessments; Evaluation; Educator

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