DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC17.34

Authors: Annapoorna. K.

Abstract: Hypertension (HTN) is the common disorder affecting 15 percent of the adult population in India. Primary or Essential HTN constitutes about 80 percent of cases. The cause is not known. Predisposing factors are heredity, overweight, sedentary life style, psychological stress, and emotions. Although Yoga is historically a spiritual discipline, it has been used clinically as a therapeutic intervention. Medical research provides increasing evidence that pranayama is beneficial in Hypertension. The present study is Randomized Controlled Trial. Aim and Objectives are to assess the effect of pranayama on Essential Hypertension and to improve the quality of life. Inclusion criteria were aging 30 to 60 years, both genders, medically diagnosed patients above Systolic Blood Pressure140mmHg, Diastolic Blood Pressure 90mmHg and taking antihypertensive drugs. Exclusion criteria were patients with other medical disorders and above 60 years. Duration of the study was 3 months. In the present study, patients are randomly selected according to Block Randomization. 44 patients are selected, recruited into 2 groups, control group or Medicine only group and experimental group or Medicine and Pranayama group. Control group patients are taking antihypertensive drugs as prescribed by the physicians. The experimental group was given 15 days of Pranayama sessions, daily for 30 minutes under observation then advised practicing regularly. The assessment was done at base line, after 15 days, after 30 days. Results found as there is the significant difference in reduction of Diastolic Blood Pressure in Medicine and Pranayama group from first point to third point comparing with the decrease in Diastolic Blood Pressure of Medicine group.

Keywords: Hypertension, Yoga, Pranayama, Blood pressure


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